The Afristat Newsletter No. 11

The Economic and Statistic Observatory for Sub-Saharan Africa (AFRISTAT), during the second half of 2023, carried out various actions in terms of statistical coordination, resource mobilization, development and capacity building, statuto­ry meetings and direct technical assistance to Member States.

As part of the coordination and resource mobilization missions, five member states and two regional economic communities were visited (CEMAC and WAEMU). The main point of discussions was the solicitation of contributions to the AFRISTAT 2016-2025 Fund from late contributors.

Regarding partnerships, this mainly involved their consolidation through:

  • The finalization of the 2024 collaboration program with INSEE and the carrying out of the study visit to the quality unit of this institution, on the one hand, and the continuation of exchanges with Ciril GROUP, software publisher service provider, with a view to establi­shing a partnership, on the other hand;
  • Monitoring the implementation of statistical programs and projects entrusted to AFRISTAT by the WAEMU Commission, FAO, INSEE, Expertise France as well as Djibouti, Gabon and Guinea;
  • Cross-participation in statutory meetings of partners as well as in the joint organization of activities. It is for this reason that the Observatory was represented at the following main meetings: the 21st interna­tional conference of labor statisticians (ILO), the 28th session of the African Commission for Agricultural Statistics (FAO), the 17th meeting of the Committee of Directors General of Statistics of Africa Union’s countries, two meetings of the IFORD Board of Directors and the mid-year statutory meeting of WAMA. INSEE and the WAEMU Commission in turn organized with AFRISTAT (i) the CEFIL 2023 workshop on the drafting of policy briefs and (ii) the webinar on the economic situation and medium-term forecasts of the States AFRISTAT members from West Africa.

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