The Afristat Newsletter No. 9

The activities carried out by the Economic and Statistical Observatory of Sub-Saharan Africa (AFRISTAT) during the first three quarters of 2022 are numerous and varied. There have been many changes at the head of the national statistical institutes of the Member States.

During the period under review, AFRISTAT carried out missions to mobilize resources and collect technical assistance needs for 2022 from Member States. It also honored its statutory obligations, relaunched the “young statisticians” program, carried out training and technical support missions, strengthened partnerships and renovated its website.

As part of the coordination missions, seven countries received the visit of the Director General of AFRISTAT who sensitized the authorities met on the need to redouble efforts to provide the Observatory with financial resources compatible with the expected results of the organization. With the stakeholders in the statistical systems of these countries, the technical assistance needs by type and area were collected.

To comply with its institutional obligations, General Management organized the 44th meeting of the Management Committee, which marked the resumption of the organization of face-to face statutory meetings.

During this meeting, the report on the implementation of AFRISTAT’s annual action plan for 2021 and the related budget were mainly adopted, the terms of reference for the recruitment of the Director General of AFRISTAT for the period 2024-2027 and the Consultant responsible for conducting the study on AFRISTAT’s long-term strategic orientations after 2025 were reviewed and validated. It should also be noted that the Deputy Director General of AFRISTAT recruited in 2021 formally took office in January 2022.

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