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The implementation of ASPA is incumbent on the Management of AFRISTAT. Depending on the complexity of some activities or situations, beneficiary States may be required to contribute and assistance sought from technical and financial partners. Management will oversee routine monitoring in conjunction with the different statutory organs of AFRISTAT.

6.1   ASPA implementation modalities

AFRISTAT Management will prepare action plans every year. The plans will be approved and adopted in keeping with the provisions of the Treaty to establish AFRISTAT. In-house expert work programmes will be drafted for the daily monitoring of the implementation of activities.

Outside the general objective VI. (Providing requisite resources to AFRISTAT with a view to efficiently supporting the strengthening of national statistical systems) and component V (Applied research to develop appropriate methodologies in NSS of member States) which are chiefly implemented by Management with the support of its partners, the sound implementation of ASPA will depend on close collaboration between NSS or beneficiary institutions. In most cases pertaining to technical support activities, beneficiaries will be involved, on participatory approach basis, in the actual programming of implementation. In this regard, each NSS and sub-regional economic integration institution should formulate an annual action plan of statistical activities extracted from the national statistical development strategy in order to give greater visibility to AFRISTATís activities.

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