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The estimated cost of implementing ASPA is 7,423.84 million CFA francs, equivalent to 11.32 million euros or 13.72 million US dollars for the period 2006-2010. This estimate includes the cost of experts, fees for external consultancy, support missions and organisation of workshops. It also includes other expenses (administrative and technical personnel costs, and cost of replacing operational equipment).

Table 1 : Annual costing of ASPA implementation (in millions of CFA francs)1

Year Item Total
Experts External consultancy Missions Workshops Sundry costs
2006 455.17 317.89 293.55 179.05 124.57 1370.23
2007 550.12 349.68 183.37 137.53 122.07 1342.78
2008 618.89 374.16 206.30 154.72 135.41 1489.47
2009 653.27 392.87 217.76 163.32 142.72 1569.93
2010 687.65 412.51 229.22 171.91 150.13 1651.42
2006-2010 2965.10 1847.11 1130.20 806.54 674.89 7423.84

These costs include all financing sources (AFRISTAT and TFPs). It is envisaged that AFRISTAT Fund (for the 2006-2015 period) will cover between 55 to 60%2of the ASPA implementation costs, which represents nearly 51% of the total contribution of Member States to AFRISTAT Fund for the period 2006-2010.

The rest of the funding is expected from technical and financial partners, either as top up funds, subsidies or within the framework of programme and project implementation. To a lesser extent, AFRISTAT could supplement its funding through own resources generated from consultancy services provided to States, institutions and partners .

1  1 euro = 655.957 CFA francs; US dollar 1 = 541 CFA francs as at 10 October 2005 in Bamako.

2 This proportion may conflict with that of State contributions to AFRISTAT 2006-2015 Fund which is 38.5% of the total amount of the Fund estimated at 17,049 million CFA francs. This difference may be justified by a number of expenses to be borne by funds from States (instituting the new organisation chart, increased number of workshops, etc.)

3 AFRISTAT is an international organisation which may under special circumstances or by mutual agreement, receive fees for services provided. Such fees will increase AFRISTATís own resources.

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4.7. ASPA logical framework of activities and annual plans of action Table of contents 6.1. ASPA implementation modalities