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Component I : Strengthening the institutional capacities of Member States and sub-regional integration institutions in respect of the organisation of statistical systems
General objective I : Providing support and technical assistance to national statistical systems and sub-regional institutions in the areas of institutional organisation, formulation of statistical development strategies and statistical training
Specific objectives and expected results Activities Objectively verifiable indicators Sources or means of verification
Specific objective 1 : Assist NSS to improve the organisation and coordination of their activities, and support them in fundraising
Outcome 1.1:Support is provided to NSS for drafting or revising basic instruments organizing statistical activities 1.1.1. Updating of the general review of the institutional organisation of NSS Study report AFRISTAT progress report
1.1.2. Support to the drafting of basic instruments organizing NSS Draft instruments prepared AFRISTAT progress report
1.1.3. Running of national seminars to examine instruments Number of seminars and participants AFRISTAT progress report
Outcome 1.2: Support is provided to NSS for the formulation or reform of national statistical development strategies or programmes 1.2.1. Support to the formulation of national statistical development strategies or programmes Proposals on formulated strategies or programmes AFRISTAT progress report
1.2.2. Holding of national seminars to examine strategies or programmes Number of seminars and participants AFRISTAT progress report
Outcome 1.3: Cooperation and partnership are established with statistical training centres 1.3.1. Organisation of workshops, seminars and courses at the request of the statistical training centres Number of seminars and course hours per centre AFRISTAT progress report
1.3.2. Attendance at statutory meetings of each partner Number of meetings AFRISTAT progress report
1.3.3. Reception of trainees Number of trainees per training centre AFRISTAT progress report
1.3.4. Participation of lecturers in AFRISTAT applied research programmes Number of lecturers per training centre AFRISTAT progress report
Outcome 1.4: Information on financing opportunities and procedures of technical and financial partners are compiled and forwarded to NSS 1.4.0. Compilation and channelling of information on the opportunities and procedures of technical and financial partners Information sheets AFRISTAT progress report
Specific objective 2 : Provide support to NSO of Member States for the design and implementation of communication strategies
Outcome 2.1: Support is provided to Member States for the design and implementation of their statistical communication strategies 2.1.1. Support to the design of a communication strategy Communication strategies of NSO designed and adopted Available comunication strategies
2.1.2. Support to the development of communication media Media developed NSO progress reports
2.1.3. Support to the dissemination of results of NSS projects Regular information Internet sites and NSO progress reports
Outcome 2.2. Support is provided to Member States for the creation and/or revival of their documentation centres 2.2.1. Enhancement of the documentary holding of NSO Funds earmarked for the purchase of books Subscriptions and delivery slips
2.2.2. Installation of documentary databases in NSO Database installed Functional database
2.2.3. Training of NSO information officers in database management Number of information officers trained Training reports, well-managed database
2.2.4. Further support to the management of internet sites Number of countries supported Expert mission reports and AFRISTAT progress reports
Specific objective 3: Contribute to the development of initial training and ongoing training on statistics in Member States
Outcome 3.1: Support to initial training is provided to statistical training schools (ENSEA, ISSEA, DSD/ENEA) 3.1.1. Participation in the design of training courses on the initiative of schools Course content prepared AFRISTAT progress reports
3.1.2. Courses delivered by AFRISTAT experts at the demand of schools Number of course hours per subject School time-tables and AFRISTAT expert mission reports
3.1.3. Joint organisation of training workshops and seminars in schools at their demand Number of seminars and workshops organized per theme Seminar and workshop reports
3.1.4. Supervision of trainees from schools Number of trainees received Available internship reports
3.1.5. Participation in preparatory arrangements for the competitive entrance examination into schools of statistics Examination results Reports on preparations
Outcome 3.2. Design and implementation of a regional ongoing training plan 3.2.1. Design of a regional continued training plan Training plan designed and adopted Adopted training plan available
3.2.2. Design of training modules (with the collaboration of schools) Number of modules designed and identified stakeholders Modules designed
3.2.3. Regular identification of training programmes (specialized programmes and centres) and dissemination to States List of programmes drawn up and published AFRISTAT Internet site
3.2.4. Organisation of training seminars on various fields Number of seminars run and number of persons trained Seminar reports
Specific objective 4: Develop partnership with sub-regional economic institutions
Outcome 4.0. Cooperation agreements are signed with sub-regional integration institutions 4.0.1. Formalizing collaboration frameworks with sub-regional bodies (ECOWAS, WAEMU, CEMAC, etc.) MOUs prepared and discussed MOU signed
4.0.2. Implementation of statistical development actions in Member States Number of common actions on statistical development AFRISTAT progress reports
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